The Navarre was one of the better-known brothels of early Denver. Still standing, dwarfed by drab highrises at 1727 Tremont, the Navarre is rumored to have been connected to the Brown Palace hotel across the street via a discreet tunnel system. Tip-toeing over to the Navarre via tunnel from the Brown for a late-night hoo-ha, flipping your top hat around stylishly, would be a lot more smooth than, say, cruising Colfax in your Crown Victoria with Nebraska plates during Stock Show week and accidentally picking up a dude. Existence of a hooker tunnel has never been entirely confirmed by historians.

The building was originally constructed in 1880 to house a coed school called the Brinker Institute. The school failed before too long and when the Brown Palace went up, the gentleman's club took over the building. This was especially convenient as part of it was already set up as a girls' dormitory. The Navarre raged naughtily at least until 1916, when the city outlawed open prostitution. The building slipped into quiet obscurity for a good half-century until millionaire candy baron James Dikeou was bludgeoned to death by a teenage hooker outside his third floor apartment in 1977. Today, the Navarre is gated off and dead to the world, apparently occupied by a few high-end private residences.