Really damn cold.

This looks like a guy taking a whiz but it's really a picture of a guy blasting away at a vicious alley glacier with a large propane torch. His intention was to clear a rudimentary path through the ice mass for pedestrians on the sidewalk, but the torch was having little effect. The glacier changed shape a bit but was going nowhere.

Strangely, although it's seemed plenty R.D.C. this year, there are buds sprouting on all the trees right now. I can't recall seeing that before in what should be 'the dead of winter.' And the pine beetle infestation currently ravaging Colorado's forests is said to be exacerbated by a lack of long durations of extremely cold temperatures that can kill the larvae. How cold? "For freezing temperatures to affect a large number of larvae during the middle of winter, temperatures of at least 30 degrees below zero (Fahrenheit) must be sustained for at least five days."(Leatherman, Aguayo, Mehall. "Mountain Pine Beetle.") Yow, that's cold. These beetles are as tough as they are hungry. The larvae synthesize an alcohol that keeps their internals warm, not unlike some Canadian messengers.