Photos by Donald B. Donald used to be messenger #96 back in the day when business was jumpin. Now he lives and teaches in Myanmar, yep, that's right, with his wife and new baby. I asked Donald about the above picture and here's what he wrote:

First, notice he is carrying 2 starfruits, 1 in each hand. A starfuit is a not so tasty, green fruit that is shaped like a star. Kristy and I had said hello to him earlier and now he was riding back to give us these unsatisfying treats. Very Myanmar of him. 2nd he is returning home from school. Notice he has a green longyi, a long dress, on. The longyi is draped over his stem so he can ride more freely. The photo was taken in Pyin Lwo Win, or May Me Yo. May Me Yo is what the British called it. It is a town that is a hill station for the more famous city of Mandalay. Hill stations being cooler, high altitude getaways for the rich. Pyin Lwo Win is full of old British colonial architecture and has the most flowers I've ever seen in a town. There are two major forms of transport in this town, the bicycle and old Wells Fargo horse drawn wagons. Pyin Lwo Win is certainly one of my favorite towns in Myanamar or the world. We were on a 400 mile bike tour when I took the picture, It was dusk and some one was burning something and I stayed there awhile and took a few pictures.

I also enjoy the photo below, with the kid perched in what I like to call the Burmese Baby-Launcher Position. Good stuff. I wish more American tots were transported in this fashion. Maybe put some little goggles on em. Thanks Donald for the photos. Beautiful place. I wonder how much I can or should say about it here.