Hello out there. Sorry for the hiatus, I've been working hard on a new book and it's left little time for my various leisure activities. This new book (to be published by Falcon in the spring) will be a sort of Bicycle Manifesto, a spirited celebration of the machine in these "interesting times." It will make the case for the bike as a (partial) solution to our daunting inter-locking challenges in transportation, health care and environment. To do so it will have to blast away at several deeply held misconceptions and cultural afflictions, which is always fun. It will be a Big Picture sort of book, taking in the long view of history and the unfolding oil dilemma. The goal is to info-tain while reintroducing the bicycle to the American public. I think of it as an intervention for a country off the deep end.

I don't believe the title has been finalized. I'll let you know. I'm going to be pretty tied up for the next month or so but I'll try to step in here for a smarmy comment from time to time. Thanks for reading.

In other news, nobody sent me any good road bullet stories. But I was reminded by an old ex-messenger friend from way back of the time he shot one right into a bystander's neck. The guy was startled but not badly hurt. Good times.

In other other news, no, the bomb scare involving the courier box had nothing to do with me. The city has gone into deftard 1 leading up to the convention, and in the aftermath of the Cyanide Guy. Federales strapping crazy-looking surveillance equipment on light poles. Nineteenth and Larimer -- what the hell is that thing? Word is that nobody will be admitted to downtown buildings next week unless they're on The List. Are you on The List? Random unidentified boxes will be surrounded by large numbers of local and federal law enforcement and private Wackenhut security guards, and will not be allowed to escape.

In still other news, I just saw some of the BMX supercross qualifying heats at the O'swimpics. A refreshing change from the usual fare, much of which, let's face it, is not designed to please your average sports fan. In prime time, they are going after viewers who would normally be watching Angsty Housewives or that show with the sweaty butcher on Univision. So we get a lot of gymnastics in the summer and figure skating in the winter. To take nothing away from the athleticism involved, which is amazing, these are sports with young girls in heavy makeup who perform weirdly for panels of stern judges. It's like one of those kiddie beauty pageants on steroids. And synchronized diving? I prefer my sports less creepy. Sports like bike racing where the judge is the finish line. As usual, most of the rest of the public does not agree. Anyway, make no mistake, those BMXers are great cyclists, some of the most powerful pedalers and smoothest bike handlers in the world. That kind of power translates very well into other disciplines, for instance sprinting on the road. Just ask McEwen. I'm going to be dreaming about riding that track tonight.