MARCH 10, 2015

Even Geekier

To those looking for a deeper dive into the fascinating world of bicycling history, please see "The Ghost Track" in the November-December 2014 issue of Colorado Heritage Magazine (pdf), published by History Colorado. The article is about the birth, brief life and death of the Denver Wheel Club track (pictured above in an illustration by Wilbur Steele), once considered the finest cycling facility in the world. The track's very existence, let alone its monumental significance, had escaped the notice of historians. When the track hosted the LAW's national championship races in 1894, the hardcore racism and sexism of the city's wheelmen was put on very loud display.

I would love to do a lot more of this kind of original research, in bike history and other areas too, but the combination of long hours in libraries and zero dollars in return makes the prospect unlikely for the foreseeable future. I need a grant, a benefactor, a visionary publisher to bring more history articles to life. Until then they may trickle out at a rate of about one per year or so.



From the cliffs of Colorado National Monument to the switchbacks of Pikes Peak, this book is packed with hard-to-believe rides and stories. It was a joy to produce and I hope it's a joy to read.